Join us for the #BConnectedTO Twitter Party!  

 On the Leading Edge of Social Media! The BConnected Conference will be held on Saturday April 22nd and Sunday April 23rd, 2017 at the Renaissance Toronto Downtown Hotel. The conference offers amazing components: interactive sessions, keynote speakers, one-one one speed networking with sponsors, an exhibitor’s hall as well as Social Networking Events, and more surprises!     They will have speakers who will be sharing their skills and experience with attendees to help obtain hands-on and useful information to […]

Tired of the Malls? Holiday Shopping in a Click!!!

  Love online shopping? Me too!!! I did all my Christmas shopping online last year for the first time, and I will never set foot in a mall again during the holidays, unless it’s to wrestle my preschooler into Santa’s arms so I can bolt out of sight for the expected screamy-faced photo. And I did most of that shopping on Cyber Monday, where some amazing deals were to be had. I saved a ton of […]


Amazon Deals of The day – Nov. 23, 2016

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Don’t forget to check out Amazon’s Black Friday Deals of the week!! Toys, appliances, electronics, and so much more!! Shop Now —-> Deal of the Day: Save 25% on Select Moana, Frozen, and Disney Princess Toys Today only, save on Select Moana, Frozen, and Disney Princess Toys. Discount only applies to items shipped and sold by This offer is valid today only, November 23, 2016, and while supplies last. Shop Now!! —->   Breville […]

Planning a Party? Evite Has You Covered!

  The holidays can be so stressful. The shopping, finding the perfect gift for the friend or family member who literally has everything; it can really take the fun out of all of the celebrations, and the actual act of giving. There is so much pressure for everything to be ‘perfect’ that it becomes almost impossible to relax; that feeling of having forgotten something stays with me right up to December 24th, when it is […]

Amazon Deals of The Day – Nov. 22, 2016

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*This post contains affiliate links. If you buy through these links, I receive a small commission. All opinions on the products are my own. * There are so many incredible deals happening on Amazon right now in the lead-up to Black Friday that I thought I would share more than one with you today!! Up to 43% Off Select Barbie Dolls & Playsets I bought two of these playsets for my daughter because as much […]

Amazon Lightning Deal of The Day – Nov. 21, 2016

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My husband works the night shift underground, and his phone battery is ALWAYS draining quickly as it searches for a signal. He takes two external chargers with him every night, and they have saved us both many times–with a preschooler and trying to coordinate our morning for school drop-off, we would be lost without our external chargers! We have stuck with Aukey for a number of reasons, namely the fact that we can recharge our […]

You Can Do This, America – #LoveTrumpsHate

Hi, America. I can see you’re having an off morning. Is it an Election hangover? Maybe you woke up feeling like some of you made a pretty bad decision last night, and you can’t help but realize that that decision potentially has some pretty terrible and long-lasting ramifications. I don’t know, I’m not you. I can only go by how your decision last night makes me feel, and how those long-lasting ramifications terrify the people […]

Exercise, Nachos, & the Dreaded Weigh-In

A few months ago, I committed to increasing my levels of exercise and changing my diet for the health of my family. I hired a personal trainer for 8 sessions, to teach me how to use the machines at our gym, and to teach me how to use my body’s own weight to work specific muscle groups. I am enjoying the way working out makes me feel *after*, because really, if you enjoy the actual workout, […]


Community: Giving Back, Toddler Style

As I get older, I find myself thinking a lot more about my community. I own a home now and have a toddler daughter; I pay more attention to what goes on in my neighbourhood, in my town. I wish it wasn’t true, but I never gave a lot of thought to giving back to my community until I had my daughter. Being on maternity leave can be very isolating, so I turned to community […]


Leaving Home Daycare for Preschool: Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Today is my 3.5-year old’s last day at her home daycare, and I have been crying all day. The home daycare she has been in since she was a year and one day old has been wonderful. A good friend of mine opened her home to run a daycare shortly before I was ready to go back to work and it was a match made in heaven. My friend has been a second mother to […]

netflix pairings

Bingeing? 6 Netflix & Cocktail Pairings You’ll Love

I love me some Netflix; my whole family does. My toddler has her favorites (Octonauts, Paw Patrol, Masha & The Bear, to name a few), and when she finally stops calling for a story/drink/snuggle/41st bathroom visit, it’s time for me and a cocktail, and a few of my faves to sit back and let the day wash away. Most of the characters in the shows I watch imbibe at one point or another (I am […]

Motherhood: What No One Told Me

Before I had a baby, there was so much I didn’t know about motherhood and so many people to tell me what I didn’t know. But no one tells you the really important things. No one told me about the theft of my identity. No one told me about the loss of my previously firm ground. No one told me that inside it would be a constant battle between not sweating the small stuff and […]