Motherhood: What No One Told Me

Before I had a baby, there was so much I didn’t know about motherhood and so many people to tell me what I didn’t know. But no one tells you the really important things. No one told me about the theft of my identity. No one told me about the loss of my previously firm ground. No one told me that inside it would be a constant battle between not sweating the small stuff and […]

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We all Need Time: $100 SpaFinder Giveaway! 32

Every year on Mother’s Day, my daycare provider (I hate calling her that because she is practically family!) does crafts with all the kids for us moms, and they are the most adorable things anyone could ever make that sometimes includes pasta, and so thoughtful. My husband sets them aside until Sunday, and she joyfully hands me these treasures with so much pride; I inevitably tear up and try to hold her squirming, little three-year-old body for more […]


To The Bereaved Mama on Mother’s Day 5

Mother’s Day is coming. You look forward to the day with your toddler, knowing you will be the recipient of something created by their little hands. Your mind drifts to Mother’s Days past, and to the treasures the child that has been gone for almost ten years lovingly gave you. You are a bereaved parent and a new parent, and your feelings are on a constant collision course with each other. Parenting a child after […]


A Quick Guide to Babysitting My Toddler 7

I am going away for the weekend, and my bestie is pitching in to watch my toddler while my husband works his night shift. Over drinks last week, we agreed it would be awesome if I put together a little manifesto on what looking after her looks like. And, obviously post it here so she would have easy access to it in a pinch. Sleep When M is napping, kindly stay out of the house. […]

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Where Will Ford Canada Take You? 7

It’s taking us to the BConnected Conference in Ottawa on April 22, 2016!! Ford Canada has supplied my friend Eclectic Soapbox and me with a sweet little ride to get our procrastinating blogger butts to the show on time, and we couldn’t be more excited to show it off and share our experience with you! We will be documenting our journey on our social media accounts, and I will be doing my #FirstScope on Periscope […]

Choosing Positivity in the Face of Tragedy 1

I find myself with a very rare Saturday morning alone. I need it; after taking my toddler to Florida, sans husband, for a week and coming home to the passing of a much-loved friend, it has been a long two weeks. My husband took our toddler to the park this morning, and instead of staying in bed like a smart person, I rushed downstairs to my laptop and my coffee. Who knows how long this […]


It Only Happens to Other People, Until it Happens to You 1

There was an Amber Alert in my area yesterday, for a 3-month old boy who had inadvertently been kidnapped in the course of someone stealing the running car he was in; his father had allegedly left it running as he ran into a store (that is what (I have heard and read, thus far). The boy was found safe a few hours later, thankfully, in the abandoned car. As soon police shared that update, the […]

So This is 40....

So This Is 40… 5

When you’re young, the only time age comes into the periphery of your mind is to wonder (with youthful disgust) at how positively OLD the adults in your life are. Even as an adult, I am constantly surprised when I learn someone’s age: “What are you doing in this bar, you’re 12!” and (in my head…mostly) “Oh my god, she is the same age as me!! Do I look that old?!?!” I don’t think our […]


#LuckyBirthdayBash Twitter Party!

* Will be Rescheduled * My friend Wendy’s  birthday falls on St. Patrick’s Day, so to celebrate we are throwing a Twitter Party!! Come and celebrate with me, the host Wendy (@winitcanadausa) and the monitor @TheCouponNannie as we talk all things birthday celebrations, cake, and cupcake recipes!! Some great prizes to be won, including a $25 Visa Gift card, a Hamilton beach hand blender, and more; prizes are being added daily!! RSVP below the invitation, […]


Do you love Stella & Dot?? Don’t Miss this Sale! 2

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.   If you know me, you know what a purse/bag hoarder I am. The selection at Stella & Dot is gorgeous, I am not going to lie. I had never heard of them until a friend showed up at a party with this beautiful clutch, and I tried to steal it from her about 93 […]

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Fashionista Barbie: Why Mattel Got it Wrong 3

Mattel recently released its new line of Barbie dolls, called “Fashionistas“. Have a look; I’ll wait. I am thrilled. As someone who struggled with weight most of my adult life, and now with a daughter, I think it has been a long time coming. It is a huge step towards body normativity and ending the shaming that surrounds body size and weight. Or is it? It’s taken me a few days to mull this over, […]


Judge Not: No, Really – Don’t 4

Well, it finally happened to me. Someone decided to judge me on my parenting methods. Because, obviously, I am a terrible parent. I can’t say I disagree: I like my alone time, I get frustrated with the constant no’s coming out of my own mouth, never mind the multiplied-by-100 no’s that come out of my toddler’s mouth. After days of dealing with my toddler mostly alone (my husband works an odd-hours shift), I was nearing […]