Do you love Stella & Dot?? Don’t Miss this Sale!  

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.   If you know me, you know what a purse/bag hoarder I am. The selection at Stella & Dot is gorgeous, I am not going to lie. I had never heard of them until a friend showed up at a party with this beautiful clutch, and I tried to steal it from her about 93 […]

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Fashionista Barbie: Why Mattel Got it Wrong 3  

Mattel recently released its new line of Barbie dolls, called “Fashionistas“. Have a look; I’ll wait. I am thrilled. As someone who struggled with weight most of my adult life, and now with a daughter, I think it has been a long time coming. It is a huge step towards body normativity and ending the shaming that surrounds body size and weight. Or is it? It’s taken me a few days to mull this over, […]


Judge Not: No, Really – Don’t 4

Well, it finally happened to me. Someone decided to judge me on my parenting methods. Because, obviously, I am a terrible parent. I can’t say I disagree: I like my alone time, I get frustrated with the constant no’s coming out of my own mouth, never mind the multiplied-by-100 no’s that come out of my toddler’s mouth. After days of dealing with my toddler mostly alone (my husband works an odd-hours shift), I was nearing […]

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#MamaMovieMonday 4

My friend Hannah posted a video on Youtube today, and it hit me right where I needed it. She talked about how perfect we all expect ourselves to be as mothers, and that we all feel like failures when we aren’t. Since she gave me all the tears at work, I asked her if we could start and work on this as a project together, and #MamaMovieMonday became more than just Hannah and me. It […]


Wendy Williams & Alyssa Milano’s Breasts 2

On December 26th, actor Alyssa Milano posted this beautiful and loving picture of a mama and her baby on her Instagram account, and the internet shit itself, as it is wont to do when people post their own pictures on their own social media accounts that reflect their own lives and their own opinions. Almost 16 months of breastfeeding Elizabella. It’s been one of the greatest joys in my life to breastfeed my babies. #normalizebreastfeeding […]


Get Noticed: Rules of Engagement 4

When I started my first blog, I didn’t promote it anywhere; I was too introverted to ask people to look at it, and too proud of it to really ask what people thought. I was passionate as all get out about it, but I was terrified of being seen as a page view whore by actually posting pieces with a request to view. And heaven forbid I actually tag someone who had an interest in […]


Confessions of a Tired Toddler Mama

I have a confession to make: we let our toddler stay up late with us on New Year’s Eve and I did not love it. I love my kid. I love to be with her, to hang out, and take her places. When she is with me, she is my focus. Every move I make takes into account its impact on her and her day; not much of it is ever about me, and that […]


Christmas & The Empty Chairs 1

The holidays can be a tough time for people who have suffered the loss of a loved one, no matter how much time has gone by. Sitting down at Christmas dinner, I always think of the empty chairs that should be filled by my stepson, my brother, my grandparents; three of whom we lost in one year, all within three months to the day of each other. Enough time goes by, eventually, to remember Christmases […]