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I’m Jennifer, and I live just outside Toronto, Ontario with my husband and small daughter.

I became a mother for the first time at 37. I know, I know – what the hell was I thinking? After losing my stepson to SUDEP in 2006, it took my husband and me a while to get back into the idea of having children. 5 years of trying and a miscarriage later, here we are!

I started this blog as a way to reach out to communities of other new parents, and it slowly escalated to where it is today. I write about everything that means something to me, or to the people in my life and my community, both online and down the street.

My aim is authenticity, whether it is in the words I write, the campaigns I join, or the products and services I support; you will never see anything posted here that I do not back or believe in 100%.

Life is never one size fits all. There are all sorts of different sizes of life, you just need to find the one that fits you and your family. I hope to be a part of that conversation with you, by helping you find that size through the things you find here. Whatever size you find, own it and never apologize, and strive to help other people find their size too.

P.S. I also believe in eating the last butter tart while my husband is sleeping, because snoozing = losing.

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