Happy Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving Day here in Canada. Daytime television sucks on a good day, so a holiday Monday it’s even worse. Hubby found my favourite movie, The Blind Side, and we watched that. As usual, for the thousandth time, I cry my way through the whole thing. I can’t help it. As tough as nails as I pretend to be, I am a softie of the first order, and tears can be expected even through certain commercials.

This movie engenders such a feeling of good in me. Because it is a true story, it sort of renews my faith in people – which needs constant renewing. It reminds me that there are people who can, and do, do good things for no reward at all, and that sometimes people just really want to help.

It also got me thinking about how good I have it. I have a partner who loves and respects me, I have a healthy, happy, and sturdy little baby that I adore. I have a roof over my head, a car in my driveway, and enough money to make sure those four things are well taken care of.

I get bogged down in the shit of life sometimes that it is easy to lose sight of that. Hubby leaves pop cans on counters and drawers open… “Doesn’t he know I have a baby to look after?? How inconsiderate!! He doesn’t respect me or even care about our home. How dare he!” Instead of learning that he leaves the sugar and a spoon on the counter in the morning for me so it is two less things I have to fish out for my coffee while holding the baby, I immediately assume he’s being a lazy ass.

I wrote a post a few days ago about perspective, which is something I value highly in myself and others. The ability to see past the bullshit in life and see the good, no matter how surrounded you are by bad.

I am certainly not surrounded by bad. That feature picture is what I had the great fortune to wake up to Saturday morning, and I am surrounded by family. Even with all the good in my life, I always keep perspective, to remind myself how lucky I am. I’m not being boastful or preachy….just laying it out there.

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